ENGLISH-DUTCH STB-TOOL (Standard Task Description)

The Dutch STB (Standaard Task Description) is a list used in the Netherlands to precisely determine the tasks required to be performed by designers and consultants during a commision. Due to increasing work beyond the Dutch borders SEED architects translated the STB from Dutch into English and incorporated this into an Excel tool where one can can easily switch between the languages. You can purchase the STB-tool for € 500,– excl. tax. The price of the tool is  € 400,– excl. tax if you are a member of the BNA (Dutch Institute of Architects)
See an example here.
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Within 7 days after receiving payment you will receive an invoice, a digital user guide and an excel file with translation functionality personalized for your company. Your tool can be used by your company for an unlimited number of projects. We also offer in-use support. Do you have any questions or help? Please email us. This tool is only suitable for Windows.

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