The new emergency post in Groningen includes a GP’s emergency station (GPES) and the Emergency Response Department (ER) of the Martini Hospital. The task was to design an emergency aid centre next to the ER and subsequently to rebuild the ER internally and to double it in capacity. And of course, that had to happen while the ER could continue to function. In addition, the ambulance hall was expanded in capacity.


Know where to go

A GPES is not part of the hospital organization; It is autonomous and independent and also wants to be visible and discoverable as such. But the searchability also applies to the ER. In case of medical emergency, it is vital to know where to go to. Since the GPES will be open in the evening, night and weekend situations, a memorable and especially for the evening recognizable building was designed.

The design of the existing Martini Hospital itself provides three green enclaves between the two “DNA chains” of the main building. In two of these enclaves there are already ‘free’ designed pavilions. The third, yet free enclave coincides with the most desirable position of the HAP, which has therefore been carefully adapted as an autonomous pavilion.
The basic form of the GPES itself is actually an efficient office-corridor-office concept that has been U-shaped folded around an atrium that marks the emergency square.


A GPES is a regional centre where patients can out-of-office be seen by a GP in an urgent, but not life-threatening situation. If necessary, the GP can refer directly to a medical specialist or the ER. For a quick follow up of this referral, the establishment of an GPES in a hospital and in the vicinity of the ER department is particularly attractive.

The building includes triage, consulting and treatment rooms, as well as a small laboratory and a call centre to provide patients and GPs by telephone.
The ER department in turn has a well-established strategic position in the existing hospital. This position guarantees the fastest possible routing for emergency patients from the ambulance hall, via triage and emergency lift to the above-mentioned operating rooms and specialized other departments.

A combination of GPES and ER is therefore attractive to the healthcare provider and patient, who arrives on an understandable ’emergency square’. Through a joint reception desk the visitor arrives quickly and efficiently in the right department. Clarity and speed significantly reduce the amount of stress both for the visitor and the healthcare provider.
After completion emergency patients can be picked up and assisted by one joint entrance 24/7.

The skin layerness
The facade is conceived as “skin” with vertical lamellae through which the leather skin or epidermis dries through. This is evidenced by a vascular perforation pattern in the lamellae and a stylized ‘pixel’ image of the same structure in the facade coating behind it. The result is a surprisingly lively façade which, depending on the point of view and (sun) light, has an ever changing appearance.
The entrance is clearly marked and shaped like a red cut in the façade.


The Martinis hospital wants to be energy neutral. Therefore the design of the HAP has taken into account a minimum energy loss, a low cooling demand and a sustainable energy generation.
The slats in the façade limit the heat radiation through the sun. The outer shell is extra insulating and air tight. Nevertheless the windows still can be opened. A large heat wheel regains the heat from the required large amount of ventilation.

The very well-insulated building is fully heated and cooled from the storage of heat and cold in the ground (geothermal storage system). The use of electricity is kept as low as possible by using energy-saving lighting and systems. The energy generation takes place via solar panels on the roof of the buildings of the Martini Hospital. With the whole package of measures, zero on the energy meter can be achieved.



DESIGN: 2016-2017
REALISATION: 2017-2018
SIZE: 2,000 m² GFA (GPES), 2,200 m² GFA (ER)
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